Muscle Wall, Flood Containment Wall (2' 4' and 8' walls)



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Muscle Wall is, quite simply, a flood control product that is quick, easy, reusable, reliable, and customizable.  All traits that are essential for flood fighting solutions, yet hard to find in other competing products.

Quite simply Muscle is a modular inter-locking wall that defends against the invasion of flood waters, once each section is interlocked they are filled with water to weigh it down, a simple but effective solution. Muscle Wall in essence is a portable dam that can quickly be deployed to protect your assets.

The speed and ease of the Muscle Wall system can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs after a flood. Muscle Wall flood barriers can be used repeatedly. A crew of just four people can set up 100 feet of Muscle Wall in about 30 minutes. In fact, if a flooding event has already started, Muscle Wall can be floated into place, filled with the very water they will soon be containing, and sunk into place.

The coupler system used on the 2-foot and 4-foot flood walls and the pin system used on the 8-foot walls allow any size of Muscle Wall to be connected quickly and easily.

Our job doesn't end with a sale. We train our customers on the most effective way to set up and utilize Muscle Wall flood barriers. Even though floods can pose a greater threat to a community than fires, often municipalities don't have people on staff who have flood-fighting expertise. We can coach you to success, even when it appears the odds are stacked against you. As we listen to you, we come up with new ideas and are constantly developing innovative products all aimed at meeting your needs.


  • Quickly Deployable
  • Re-Usable
  • Robust Defense
  • Simple and Easy to set up
  • Can be Customizable for any building, or site
  • Takes as few as two people to set up
  • Easily Stowable
  • Easily transported to emergency location 

An essential for:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Power Stations
  • Police Substations/Precincts/Commands  
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Emergency Communications
  • Multi-Family Housing/Apartments
  • Retirement and Convalescent homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Water Front Properties