HydroSnake, prevents flood waters from invading your home or business (4 Pack)


Protect your home or business in the event of flooding with Praetorian HydroSankes, for outside and inside. Praetorian flood barriers expand and activate on contact with water growing in size to absorb, contain, and re-direct, invading flood water. Light weight and easy to use.

Keep on hand for emergency situations, i.e. leaky plumbing, roofs, toilet overflows, seepage or invasive leaks. For outside use activate by fully submerging in water, then place in areas around the walls prone to flooding, the bags will contain and redirect flood waters; for inside use place passively (dry) as a precautionary measure against inside walls to capture any residual waters seeping into your home.


  • A safe, eco-friendly replacement for the sandbag.

  • Domestic and commercial use.

  • Light, flat, simple to store and easy to handle, weighs only 1lbs.

  • Expands quickly in contact with water absorbing up to 5 1/2 gallons weighing approx 45 pounds.

  • Highly effective door protection.

  • Can be stacked or folded to offer the level of protection required.