Deluge Super-Absorbent Flood Barriers (30) 18" x 21" Barriers

$249.99 $369.99

This innovative, self-inflating, flooding protection system is set to revolutionize the way you control damage due to flooding. The barriers consist of a hydrophilic, non-woven cover and 4 layers of a patented blend of super-absorbent polymers and natural fluff which absorbs water to 90% capacity in less than 3 minutes. Once the water is absorbed it is suspended in the bag and keeps flood waters at bay.

Deluge bags are the only Super-Absorbent Flood Barriers made in the USA.

Deluge Flood Barriers are clean, compact and lightweight so they can be stored anywhere prone to flash flooding or accidental water damage. Deluge Sandless Sandbags enable people to defend themselves and react immediately to flooding which can potentially avoid a disaster altogether.