AquaBlock-Super Absorbent Flood Strips (10) 27" x 4.5"


Flooding is the #1 national disaster in the U.S., 75% of the 30 Billion dollars spent annually on flood damage is from flood waters less than 36.” An inexpensive and effective defense against flooding is the AquaBlock-Super Absorbent Flood Strips.

In flooding situations doors are the most vulnerable point of entry for water, AquaBlock-Super Absorbent Flood Strips are made of a Super Absorbent Polymer that absorbs 500 times in weight in flood waters, when placed in door jams, they: (1) Absorb, (2) Seal, and (3) Form an Impenetrable Barrier.  Aquablock can save you thousands on flood damage and potentially prevent life threatening mold and mildew.

Each strip contains the polymer Sodium Polyacrylate, a revolutionary substance that absorbs 500x's its weight in liquids; each strip absorbs 5 lbs. of liquid and is razor thin weighting 1/10 of a lbs.

AquaBlock has many other domestic uses, i.e., window condensation, seepage from washing machines and dishwaters, leaky pipes, leaky water heaters, and condensation from refrigeration, as well as prevent a potential slip and falls.

Aquablock strips for doors, position the ultra-thin strip between the door and the threshold, pull the strip up the hinge side of the door about 10”, also pull the second strip up the alternate side of the door approximately the same height, 10”, sometimes this may require a small bit of tape to be applied to the ends of the strips to get them to adhere to the threshold and frame (this prevents to strips from moving when the door is opened and closed). Make sure the two strips meet in the middle at the bottom of the door, you may have to use more strips depending on the width of your door.

The strips will automatically activate on contact with water, they will absorb flood waters, expanding, creating an impenetrable barrier preventing the intrusion of flood waters.

Aquablock strips for windows can be placed between the bottom of the window and frame (close the window on the strip), if your window does not open the AquaBlock can also be placed on the sill and it will automatically absorb when condensation begins.

AquaBlock for refrigeration, washers, water heaters, toilets, dishwashers and leaky pipes simply position the strip in the area where seepage is most likely to occur (you may wish to tape in place), leave the un-activated strip in place and it will self-activate on contact with water.