IN STOCK, ORDER WHILE THEY LAST ! Plylox (Rust Proof) 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Hurricane Clips, secures plywood to windows in minutes, without nails, adhesives screws or drilling (20 pack )


Plylox Stainless Steel Hurricane Clips

A hurricane is imminent and your doors and windows are exposed to wind driven debris and torrential rains. Is the content of your home at risk of being totally lost?  We have a quick and easy solution,.....Hurricane Clips.

Plylox Hurricane Clips secures plywood to windows and doors in minutes, they require no tools for installation nor do they need nails, adhesives, screws or drilling to install. You simple slide the clip onto your pre-cut 1/2" plywood and push into place (for recessed brick, wood, or stucco, window and door frames).

Plylox Stainless Steel Hurricane clips don't rust and are made of the highest quality  Stainless Steel;

Hurricane season started June, 1, 2018, and continues through November 30, 2018, with September being the busiest month, no time like the present to get prepared!

Instructional Video included