HydroSnake, prevents flood waters from invading your home or business (24 Pack)



  • A safe, eco-friendly replacement for the sandbag.

  • Absorbs 500x's its weight in flood water

  • Easy and quick to deploy in emergencies

  • Prevents Ice Damming and damage from snow 

  • Light, flat, simple to store and easy to handle, weighs only 1 Lbs. each

  • Expands quickly on contact with water absorbing up to 5 1/2 gallons weighing approx 45 pounds.

  • Highly effective door protection.

  • Can be stacked or folded to offer the level of flood protection required.

Placing the HydroSnake in areas where there is water leakage will limit the danger of flooding.

HydroSnakes contain an absorbent pulp and a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), they retain their bulk for up to three months.

HydroSnakes (1) Absorb 500x's their weight in water, (2) form an Inpenetrable Barrier, (3) Re-Direct flood waters away from your home or business. 

Features that will undoubtedly save your home or business from the effects of flood waters.