Praetorian Super Absorbent AB-1800, Double Door Flood Barriers (5 Pack) Robust Version


Praetorian AB-1800 Double Door Barriers: are great protection against flooding for sliding glass doors, double doors and large doors (68" x 9")

  • Doorways are often the weakest point and the easiest for the invasion of flood water

  • For more Robust protection of doorways and basements that need added protection

  • They contain a super absorbent polymer that absorbs 500x's its weight on contact with water to form a solid barrier

  • Dry, un-activated bags are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle; place in flood-prone areas when flooding is imminent

  • Eliminates the mess, heavy lifting and manual labor of filling standard bags with sand 

  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable

  • Absorbs approximately 100 lbs. of liquid, even contaiminated septic water

  • Easily Deployable

  • Long Shelf Life