From The Praetor's Office - Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Business Continuity of Operation March 16 2014, 2 Comments

Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Busienss Continuity of Operations


Critical Infrastructure Protection and Business Continuity of Operation involves the Preparedness and Response to serious Incidents in which essential functions may be impacted by disastrous events.  Whether your organization is Public Safety related; (Police, Fire, Emergency Communication), or Private Sector/Free- Enterprise related; (production, distribution, sells), flooding or HazMat spillage can cause major disruption to vital operations and downtime, which may result in risk to lives, assets, and profits and may also incur costly EPA fines.  
Most businesses lack a viable response to the threat of flooding; Praetorian Disaster Supply assists your business in responding to this threat and safeguards your assets, both human and material.
Praetorian manages flooding risks by offering a variety of aqueous solutions; we offer Super Absorbent Products and flood mitigation equipment designed specifically for your level of threat. These products keep your business functioning, reduces damage, and prevents potential injury.  Your operation will be able to withstand a flooding or hazmat spillage event and rapidly recover.
To ensure your business is able to continue performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances.   A Business Continuity Plan must be formed, it must include a collection of resources, products, equipment, and information that is developed, tested, and held in readiness for use in the event of a major disruption of your operations. Business Continuity Planning helps prepare you to maintain mission-critical operations after any emergency or disaster.
Purpose of Readiness Planning
  • Provide for continued performance of essential departmental functions under all circumstances
  • Ensure survivability of critical equipment, records and other assets
  • Minimize business damage and losses
  • Achieve orderly response and recovery from flooding spillage incidents
  • Assure survivability of your business in most flooding and spillage events





From the Praetors Office - The only leverage anyone has against disasters is Preparedness October 04 2013, 0 Comments


                           The only leverage that anyone has against disasters is preparedness


A disaster can be anywhere, in the streets, on college campuses and even inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe but rather how can we lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

So, what is a disaster? By definition, a disaster is a sudden event that causes suffering, damage or loss of life. It is any catastrophe or tragedy that occurs. We should accept the fact that calamites are in all places, and that there are areas that are more predisposed to particular catastrophic situations; we should further accept that the only leverage that anyone has against disasters is preparedness.  Although a disaster can strike anywhere or at anytime we could at least form a disaster plan in advance.

If you are in a tornado prone area you should be able to set up a shelter where you and your entire family could hide when the tornado strikes. If you are living in an earthquake zone earthquake proof your home.

In a nutshell we should have a disaster plan because they are a reality of life that we should avoid but not ignore. Knowledge and preparedness save lives and property. You should arm yourself with the essential things that you need for survival, and the time to prepare is not when you are being threatened but NOW.






From The Praetors Office - Staying in Contact, a matter of Survival September 09 2013, 0 Comments

                                                         Staying in Contact, a matter of survival


The Mission of Praetorian is to arm its clients with lessons learned, best practices, and equipment that will mitigate the loss of life or property when catastrophic events occur. 

Imagine this, A massive storm has just devastated your city, power is out with no signs of being restored, cell phones and towers are out, flashflood waters are quickly rising around your home and your family is completely cut off from any possible rescue or human contact.  How will you know if there is an order to evacuate? How will you know which shelters are open? Calling 911 may not be an option. 


Are you prepared? 

Most Americans are not, because emergency preparedness is not what we like to think of.   Staying informed could be a matter of life and death, that’s why, the US Department of Homeland Security mandates that every American home should have an emergency radio.

Something as simple as an inexpensive Dynamic/Turbine Crank Emergency Band NOAA Weather Radio, can keep you informed and updated when all else fails; The average cost of a good Emergency Band radio is roughly $50.00. Remember when a catastrophic event occurs, i.e., Hurricanes, Tornados, Chemical Spills, Riots, etc.  Your local Office of Emergency Management continually broadcast over emergency channels providing lifesaving information and instructions to the public, if you are not connected you may be in danger and not know it.

Features of a good Dynamic Crank/Turbine Emergency Band NOAA Weather Radio are: (1) Redundant power sources, Power Crank, Solar Charger, AC adaptor, Internal Rechargeable Batteries, Regular Batteries, (2) Weather Alert, (3) FM and AM channels, (4) Weather Channels, (5) LED light, (6) LED Lamp, and (7) Ports for recharging Cell Phones. 

The most innovative feature is that these radios do not keep you tied to a power outlet, they have redundant power sources.  Emergency radios ensure that you will never be left in the dark, literally and figuratively.

From my own personal experience during Hurricane Ike, for three weeks after the storm we were without power, my Eton dynamo/crank radio needed no batteries, the only information we received was from that small $50.00 radio that keep us informed, without it we would have been in the dark, literally.