Praetorian Disaster Supply - Flood Defense

Flooding is the #1 National Disaster in the Untied States; 75% of the 30 Billion dollars spent annually on flood damage is from flood waters less than 3' and insurance covers only 20% of that cost. Let us Flood-Proof your home and business! 

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 Praetorian's Flood Barriers have a variety of uses that can stop catastrophic damage to your home or business



A Hurricane is imminent and your doors and windows are exposed to wind driven debris and torrential rains. Is the content of your home at risk of being totally lost?  We have a quick and easy solution,.....Hurricane Clips.

Plylox Hurricane Clips secures plywood to windows and doors in minutes, they require no tools for installation nor do they need nails, adhesives, screws or drilling to install. You simple slide the clip onto your pre-cut 1/2" plywood and push into place (for recessed brick, wood, or stucco, window and door frames).

Plylox Stainless Steel Hurricane clips don't rust and are made of the highest quality grade Stainless Steel;

Living in denial is not a rational strategy, and those who suffer the worst, are the ones that depend on the Government the most. 


We at Praetorian Disaster Supply understand that sometimes calling 911 is not an option. Praetorian was founded in Houston, Texas by First Responders, when we talk of disasters it’s from a perspective of experience.  We have the combined knowledge of best practices, lessons learned and best equipment for survival, you should always prepare in advance and depend on yourself. 


Our core philosophy is,

The only leverage you have against disaster, is Preparedness.